Are You Frustrated with Buying Inventory That Gets You Low Returns?
Want to Find Inventory with an ROI That Beats The Stock Market?
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The Buy and Hold'em WhatsApp Quarterly MasterMind Group
This remarkable Buy and Hold Mastermind Group will show you how to find profitable products, how long to hold onto a product, and guide you through amazing money making strategies using Keepa and Brickseek.

Monthly Live Webinar

How to Buy and Hold products and sell them at premium profits. This strategy alone can make you thousands each year in profits... 

Value: $397

Group Coaching

Learn from your mentors in Live Group Coaching. Ask your questions and get personalized help.

Value: $497


How to order most of your inventory from home, as opposed to running to the stores and walking out empty-handed, AGAIN! 

Value: $97

WhatsApp Group

Ask questions and network 24/7 with other like minded sellers on strategies that are working now. Maximize your online selling profits with the Buying and Holding Strategy.

Value: $247

Brickseek Bolos:

To get you on your way to implementing the Buy and Hold Strategy!! Check Product availability before you leave home, and then head directly to the store to pickup! Massive time saver on wandering around to find inventory.

Value: $297

Pricing Strategies

Learn how to tackle listing price fluctuations and have confidence in your buying decisions. 

Value: $97

Keepa Check

Have a ASIN that you would like to review? Our exclusive "Ask Greg" feature means you'll get advise from the expert himself on whether or not you should buy and hold any product you're considering.

Value: Priceless


Till 18th June

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Meet Your Veteran Instructor and Accomplished Author

Greg Webb

For the past five years, Greg as sold tens of thousands of toys on Amazon. His strategy is simple, but unique.  

Gregg is an accomplished Author of Toyfolio. His books has helped hundreds of people make thousands of dollars by buying and holding toys. 

His students have got upto 500% Roi.

Greg got his start selling online with eBay and Craigslist. However, for the last five years he’s exclusively sold on Amazon. During that span he is quickly approaching a cumulative total of $1,000,000 in sales in the toy category alone...part-time. He studies the toy market and applies simple, yet unique strategies that help him sell profitable toys year round, not just during Q4. He loves to teach and help others sell on Amazon so ultimately everyone can achieve their goal of financial independence. Greg and his wife reside in small town North Carolina

What People Are Saying:

“I have to give Greg all the credit on an amazing find. Earlier this year he recommended an item that was on clearance from Walmart from $15-$20. Fast forward to today, the item can be flipped for $90-$100!!! Buy and Hold'em is an amazing strategy. ( I'm really looking forward to this Q4!) Thank you Greg! ”

Rob Trevino

“They should rename this group "Buy and Hold 'Em Or Make Profits Now." Acting on just ONE tip from Greg, I found Transformer Toys at a local Walmart for $12.99 each, and they're selling on Amazon now (4 months before Christmas) at $45.95 each. I'm making profits AND having a lot of fun with Greg and a great group of Amazon sellers.”

Jordan Malik,

"Didn't have to hold this one very long for 500% ROI."

Learn how buying and holding strategies utilizing the power of BRICKSEEK took Greg's business from 73K in the first year to 299K in year 3, with his projections poised to hit 400K in year 4, 2019.
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